The Cascading Beauties

Our ever-so talented head designer, Jean Rodino has been in the floral business for 36 years. Over the years she has seen many floral trends come and go. "A unique aspect about being in the business for some time is that you see certain ideas resurface."

One popular trend for the 2018 Brides To Be are 


That's right, they're back and coming in better than ever! This style believe it or not was popular back in the '80s, a time when everything was big - big hair, big sleeves, and big luscious bouquets. Some might think this is a decade better left in the past, but with a few updates and fine toning we are all for it making a come back!

Cascading bouquets can be offered in a variety of ways as you can see from some of our pictures. A common misconception of these trailing beauties are that they only hang vertically but horizontal designs are equally as popular. Another misconception is that the bouquets must trail lush blooms. Not at all, simple vines, greenery, or a few tapered florals can easily give you the same effect to classify your bouquet as a cascading beauty.

Each arrangement we design can offer a cascading feel that is unique to your requests. Some styles can include an overflowing classical romance flair, lush greenery with pops of color for an organic feel, or a delicate, whimsical bouquet for a more subtle look to name a few. Jean enjoys creating works of art. Each and every bouquet, arrangement, boutonnière, centerpiece, you name it has something special to personalize the piece. 

Take a look at a few of our other trailing floral designs for some inspiration.

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