Be You


-the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind.

People are drawn to you because of who you are.

Wedding trends are great for inspiration, Pinterest is perfect for new ideas, and the internet offers endless design options for new fashion.

Time Out!

Do you just want to become one of the masses and follow all the trends?

Don’t lose your identity

It has become common over the past couple of years for brides to be nearly identical in their wedding vision. Everyone wants the amazing picturesque wedding on instagram or Pinterest that they saw in a recent post. There has definitely been a time in the recent past, when reviewing pictures to post from different weddings, I’ve had to do a double take because the pictures are virtually one and the same. Outlets such as instagram and Pinterest are perfect to help narrow down a style you’re interested in or ideas you’d like to embody, but don’t forget what makes you, You!

There are ways to emulate a style, while incorporating your personality within that style -That’s what I’m here for as your designer! Prior to consultations, I do advise brides to create a Pinterest page if they have yet to do so, this allows me to have a bit of insight on ideas and interests. Because let’s be real, how is everyone supposed to know the names of all the flowers, foliage, styles and preferable season? If you do then great, you’re one step ahead but if you don’t, which is the case for most brides, don’t feel overwhelmed. Using the images from the previously mentioned platforms can give you an idea and then come to me with that idea! Following our initial consultation, I love to have couples fill out a personality/interests form which enlightens me on their traits and characteristics. These methods allow me to gain more understanding of my clients and help mold the vision to fit the couple.

Two important things to remember when planning your wedding:

  • Trust your instinct

  • There are NO rules

Narrowing down your interests can be challenging, although I am here to aid in shaping all those interests and visions into a cohesive reality. If you know there are certain things that must be incorporated, I will help in determining the best option possible to maintain your vision and style.

Let’s work together to create the masterpiece you have dreamed about for your special day!

In current news:

I’m pretty excited for a few brides we have coming up that will be breaking the current mold of centerpieces. These brides have truly embodied their individuality. These designs will absolutely reflect their interests and lifestyle. I’m eager to share the pictures to come! Keep a look out on our social media platforms!

With a bit of creativity from the designer’s end you can tastefully reflect the personalities of each client whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event!

Jean Rodino