The other day we made a post on Instagram with one of our centerpieces… this got us thinking...

Whether you’re hosting a formal tea party, anniversary event or planning your big wedding day.... FLOWERS are a must.

They bring nature in adding an aspect of tranquility and natural beauty.



So today we’ve decided to write a little something about the how to’s in regards to planning for centerpieces.

Where to start?

What to think about?


Some florist insight


Planning  101


Where do I even begin?

Well, it’s quite simple… Ask yourself these questions

What type of flowers do you like? 

What are the colors your including for your event/party/wedding? 

Do you want a bold statement arrangement or more of a soft, subtle look?


You’re already one step closer to setting forth a plan and creating a design choice. 

Something to keep in mind is that the flowers are there to complement you and your day. 


Do you have Pinterest? 

If not, get it. There are loads and loads of ideas and options right at your fingertips! It’s amazing. 

Create a board with pictures you find interesting & pin away!!

Don't worry if you're unsure the type of flowers you'd like to use, most people don’t and this definitely helps you narrow down some ideas. 

ALTHOUGH beware that Pinterest does offer so many ideas and options that it can be overwhelming at times giving you too many things to chose from. 

First and foremost, start pinning anything you find that speaks to you about your event. Once you have a good bit of pictures, go back through and narrow down some of your options - most often than not you've pinned similar things without even realizing it. 

We love meeting with clients that have a Pinterest board of ideas. It definitely helps us get a better idea of what you might be looking for!



Money is a huge factor, if not the main factor. Some people like to spend more on certain aspects of events than others which is completely understandable. 

Honestly, we like to be upfront and open with everyone. We want to hear and see exactly what you like and then talk budget. We like to set realistic standards. If there is a style of flower you absolutely must have, but doesn’t quite meet your price range we will work with you to find an affordable option!



The saying "Size Matters" is definitely true when deciding on centerpieces. 

Incorporating various sizes and heights in arrangements creates a greater visual appeal. Some people tend to steer away from tall arrangements assuming they will block the view from  fellow table mates, but if done correctly there will be little to no obstruction of view! 

Keep in mind size truly is dependent on your venue. 

Bring along or send pictures of the chosen venue - that way we can all have a general idea of the space we are working with! 

Look at you! Now you're one step closer to creating a bomb celebration with kick butt decorations! 

Here's some examples of our centerpieces & the lovely photographers that captured them.

Melissa Arlena 

Victoria Selman 

YouSee Photography

Steven & Lily Photography